Oct 04

Mandeville Dentist Utilizes State Of The Art Technology

Grand Family Dentistry is a excellent dentist Mandeville LA provider who utilize modern technology for the care of their patients. The design and fabrication of dental restorations have the look and feel of natural teeth. Patients are provided with more natural looking porcelain veneers, bridges, inlays, and crowns.

New compounds and plastics afford the dentist with more durable and aesthetically beautiful materials for use.  If you are apprehensive about going to the dentist, be assured that Dr. Grand has your comfort in mind. If you elect to use nitrous oxide for relaxation to calm down from your fears, you will find that your experience less stressful. Although you will feel more relaxed throughout the procedure, you do not lose consciousness and can easily converse with the dentist throughout the procedure.

One of the most exciting new technologies is dental implants. The titanium tooth root is implanted in the human bone and the new tooth is attached. Implants replace missing teeth and are quite effective because the patient has the feel and look of a natural tooth for many years. Implants are quickly becoming the standard to replace a missing tooth.

For the most advanced dental care, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Grand at GrandFamilyDentistry.com